About Janice

Meet Janice Lynne

I picked out Janice at just 7 years old. She was there with me all the way through college and has always been in the background of my videos. Don't let her cuteness fool you! She disliked most people and was a boss b*tch who refused to listen to anyone (what a mooooood).

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  • No teeth, no problems

    Look...for 15 years, I'd say those teeth did their best!! She was running low, but that didn't stop her from eating allllll the treats!

  • SO much drama

    You want to talk about an ATTITUDE?! Janice was the queen of attitude. You could always read it all over her face. I wonder where she got that from?!

  • No Stranger to the camera

    Don't let her blasé attitude fool you, this girl knew how to work it. Owning multiple wigs and costumes, she was ALWAYS camera ready.